Facial Rejuvenation
Facial Rejuvenation

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Facial cosmetic surgery has come a long way since its humble beginnings.  The advancement in technology alone has provided the industry with a much broader range of facial surgical options.  We offer a variety of facial surgery and rejuvenation procedures that will enhance the natural beauty of your face.  Talk to the doctor during your initial consultation about your goals for facial rejuvenation.

Facial rejuvenation refers to any procedure designed to make the face appear more youthful.  These procedures are all performed on an outpatient basis, and can be performed  individually, or combined.  Often, the results are better if the procedures are combined so that the entire face is rejuvenated, rather than just one area

FACELIFT:  This is the procedure most people think of when discussing facial rejuvenation.   It addresses the lower face and neckline by pulling loose skin tight and excising excess skin.  The scar is in front of the ear, around behind the ear, and then into the hairline in the back of the head.

BLEPHAROPLASTY:   This addresses the upper and/or lower eyelids.  Ecxess skin and bulbing fat is removed to reduce wrinkles and bulging.

BROW LIFT:  This addresses the forehead by elevating the eyebrows and reducing frown lines in the forehead.

LASER RESURFACING:  This reduces the fine wrinkles accumulated over years associated with smoking and sun exposure.  It also removes many pigment changes assiciated with sun damage.